Paul Darden Company

Specializing in brokering, management and development of self-storage facilities throughout the southwest to both national and regional self-storage operators.

Clients include U-Haul, Sovran, U-Store-It, Securcare, Assured Self Storage, Storage Trust, Strategic Storage, Optivest, Storage UPREIT and many others.

Actively involved in real estate brokerage and development for over forty years in the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California and Arizona markets, we successfully brokered over $500M in storage properties. Most recently, we brokered the largest single facility in Texas having over 1,300 units at nearly 300,000 square feet.

We utilize our appraisal experience by performing feasibility studies, income and expense analyses, and advisory services for our clients. As a commercial real estate appraiser, we appraise all types of commercial real estate in various markets around the country. Darden also consults on the design and construction of self-storage projects, and have administered the development of over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial construction.

As third party management of self-storage facilities, we have managed properties representing over 1.2M Square feet of rental area, and have represented sales in excess of 200 self-storage facilities. The firm has managed over 60+ self-storage facilities in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Little Rock, Oklahoma City and Louisiana areas. In 2006, Paul Darden Company was rated as one of the Top 50 Operators in the self-storage industry.

Recently, Paul Darden Company created the data mining “District Manager” software for the self-storage industry. Currently, owners with over 700 facilities throughout the U.S.are using the software to save thousands of dollars at each of their locations.

The Paul Darden Company are active members and guest speakers for of both the Texas Self Storage Association and the state and national Self Storage Associations. We have written Broker’s Opinion of Value letters including Property Analysis, Market Analysis, Financial Analysis and Investment Analysis criteria.

In short, we are skilled negotiators, experienced analyzers of business operations, and actively follow and predict the effect of economic trends on the self storage industry.






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District Manager - Paul Darden Company
Storage Income Pros


The world’s most powerful storage analytics software

Unlock the income trapped in your Self Storage site in real time, using Storage Income Pros’ District Manager® analysis software. Make informed decisions that lead to higher profits.


Revenue Analysis

See which tenants are due for a rent increase. District Manager® will analyze your concession plans and inform you of which are the most cost effective and which plans you should eliminate. Increase your monthly revenue with just a few clicks.

Make decisions and deploy changes fast.

Site Auditing

District Manager® allows you to quickly audit your facilities. Our comprehensive auditing suite shows exception reports at the facility, tenant and employee level. District Manager® can predict weeks in advance if you’re going to hit your budget for the month.

Stay ahead of the game with on point audit tools.

Concession Analysis

District Manager® will analyze your concession plans and inform you of which are the most cost effective and which plans you should eliminate.

Remove concessions that are costing too much money.


District Manager® sends out automatic email alerts to you, or your staff, when something is going wrong at your facilities. Alerts focus on anything from managers falling behind on collections, or leasing, or when staff have not opened the facility on time. These alerts and many more are sent even if you are not monitoring the software.

Stay informed, and see how easily you can improve and grow.

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